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This web site is a work in progress and contains information on a number of ideas on Putting. You should read each page with an open mind to gain some understanding of the specific topic.

The instruction is written from the point of view of someone who putts right-handed. If you putt left-handed, you will have to transpose some information to fit in with the way you stand to the ball.


The danger of all information is that you can become so analytical in your approach to Putting that you lose the natural flow of instinct. You cannot putt successfully if you become over-absorbed in thinking and in stroke mechanics when you should be free of thought and simply engaged with the target.

Some web pages deal with the dynamic action of Putting.

Others like:

  • Putting Setup

  • Putter Fitting

  • Choosing a Putter

are static in that they prepare you to putt to the best of your ability.

I am a firm believer that if you understand how something should be done, you will be able to evaluate your own performance in the light of this knowledge.

Not an Exact Science

Putting can never be robotic as there are too many other factors that can affect the roll of the ball. For example, even the best-read and stroked putt can still miss. However, you stand a better chance of holing the putt if you have some awareness of what causes the ball to roll a certain way.

The alternative is to putt blindly in the hope that your brain will somehow take care of everything.

Briny Baird

Briny Baird
photo - pgatour

The views expressed in this web site are a mixture of opinions. There is never only one way to get the job done.

For example, when Zach Johnson won the Masters he set up with the shaft of his putter leaning backwards. This is contrary to the usual instruction for the putter shaft to be level or leaning slightly forward.

Briny Baird alternates his putting stance by placing his right foot behind his left foot and this works for him. You won't find this stance recommended in any book.

Neutral Style

My advice is that you should adopt a neutral style of Putting, and keep this as your standard. For example, the palms of your hands should oppose each other, you should set up with your body aimed parallel left of your aimline and so on. 

The more you can adopt a no-frills approach, the fewer things you will have to remember when you putt, and the less tension you will feel when over the ball.


Different Experts have Different Ideas

Every author on Putting expresses an opinion on how best to putt. This is a good thing as you have a variety of opinions to choose from. There is never one correct way as there is ample evidence to contradict any point of view. 

However, if you choose to stray from the 'Plain Vanilla' approach to Putting, you had better be prepared to spend long hours of practice to maintain your unique style.

You will be in a constant battle with your brain and your body as gravity tends to shape how we stand, bend, and move.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to 'How Many, Not How' so feel free to experiment in your quest to find your own best method.

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