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Can Cussing Help

to Improve Your Putting?


Swearing may work for you, but generally it is considered detrimental to your game. This is because it releases performance-harming chemicals.

Bad Language

Bad language intrudes on our everyday life. We hear it everywhere – on the television, in general conversation, at sporting events, and on the golf course.

Unfortunately there is a growing trend to accept expletives as colourful language rather than the poor use of language.

By now mankind must have worked out the full range of words and expressions available to deal with our anger and frustration. In golf they are mainly of English origin.

Are there any new ones to explore? Is there a magic word that clears the air and restore life to normality? Is temporary madness a sign of a weak character? Is it better to be stoic and keep your emotions to yourself?


Imagine that you have just missed a short but makeable putt to lose the hole. The moment has arrived for you to stay calm or react to your feelings.

Do you berate

  • yourself, 
  • the ball, 
  • your putter, 
  • the green?

What, if anything, should you say to get your game quickly back on track?


Spectator sport has changed in that, thanks to technology, we can listen in on the top performers.

We can hear the odd expletive of the Tour pros. Are they employing an artful technique that releases the tension and stops the rot before it infects their game?

I often wonder if the early greats of golf turned the air blue around them when things were going badly.

Has addressing the ball always had a double meaning in golf since the time golf was first played?

Sports psychologists have you believe that losing

your cool is detrimental to your game.

Our brain is a veritable chemical factory and anger

releases negative performance-harming chemicals.

Staying Calm

I am a silent admirer of those who can dismiss misfortune as if it is of no consequence. One putt or three putts appears to make no difference to them.

Their mood remains upbeat and on an even keel. No bad words are ever mouthed.

Deep down I am sure that this is the way to go if you want to excel at golf.

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Image Source
1 = stickergiant.com
2 = Drawing by Jacob W Henn - jwhenn.com 

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