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This Site Map outlines the topics that make up the Web Site and is arranged in alphabetical order.

Home: Putting … A Better Way to Putt.

About Me: A Passion for Golf.

Aiming Your Putterface - Is Your Putter Pointing in the Right Direction?

Books on Putting - Thousands of Words on Putting Know-How with More to Follow

Book Store - Books in my Library and available from Amazon

Choosing a Putter - What You Absolutely Must Understand Before You Buy

Contact Me: I’d appreciate any comments or questions.

Distance Control - How to Roll Your Golf Ball the Correct Distance

External Resources - Other Web Sites that may Help You to Better Your Putting

Ezines - Short Articles on Putting, Rules/Etiquette, Golf, and Golf History


17 Inch Rule - Is this Good Advice or Subject to Question?

A Mismatched Putting Stroke - Is it Detrimental to Your Putting?

Ability to See – Why Your Ability to See can Harm Your Putting

Aiming Method X - How to Use the Fall Line to Find Your Aimpoint in Putting

Aiming Method Y - Better Your Aim by Picking an Aimpoint to the Side of the Hole

Aiming Method Z - Putting Through the Hoop at the Apex (Break Point) of the Putt

Aiming Preference - Do You Pick Out a Spot or Trust Your Instincts when You Aim?

Alignment Aids - Circles, Dots, Lines and Odd Shapes and Still You Miss the Putt

Anatomy - Why Your Anatomy Makes Putting a Difficult Challenge

Angle of Contact - Why Your Ball Position is Important for Consistent Putting

Arched Wrists - Should You Consider This Tip to Improve Your Putting Stroke?

Arm Putting - Allowing Your Arms to Swing the Putter rather than Your Shoulders

Balance - An Essential Requirement in All Forms of Sport

Balanced Ball - Does the Balance of Your Ball Really Matter When You Putt?

Ball Speed - Unlocking the Mysteries of Breaking Putts on Fast and Slow Greens

Belly Putter - Stabilising Force or a Crutch for Golfers with Putting Problems?

Better Lag Putting - An Important Technique for Lowering Your Golf Score

Better Putting - Can You Hope to Improve on the Green without Regular Practice?

Big Grip - Fitting a Big Grip to Your Putter is a Big Plus to Improving Your Putting

Bladed Wedge - A Smart Choice When Your Ball is Against the Collar

Body Height - Down Low, Up Tall, or Somewhere in Between in Your Putting Setup?

Body Motion - It's Not Sexy to be a Mover and a Shaker When You Putt

Breaking Putts - What Changes, if any, Should You Make in Your Putting Setup?

Breathing - Two Important Things You Must Know to Improve Your Putting

Chip Putting - Different Interpretations, but Similar Techniques in Execution

Choosing a Grip - The Way You Arrange Your Hands on Your Putter Matters

Clock Drill - How It can Help You Read the Break of a Putt

Continuous Putting - A Way to Speed Up Play or Undermine Your Confidence?

Cut Stroke - Why Using Your Shoulders in Putting can Create a Potential Problem

Depth Perception - How Well does Your Perception Match Reality on the Green?

Downhill Putts - Some Facts, Some Tips, to Lower Your Score on the Green

Emotional Putting - An Unhelpful Habit of Labelling Your Putts

Empty Mind - What Do You Think About When You are Faced with a Pressure Putt?

Excellent Putting - You Must Strive for Excellence, but Never Expect Perfection

Eye Deception - If You Can't Aim, You Can't Putt Successfully. It's that Simple

Eyes Down - Where Should You Look When You Putt?

Fast Greens - The Need for Speed Can Ruin Your Putting and Your Game

Flatsticks - Is Over-choice Muddying the Water and Taking Your Eye Off the Ball?

Follow Through - Why Holding Your Post Impact Position Improves Your Putting

Forward Press - A Good or Bad Technique in Putting?

Grading Your Putting - Four Important Components to Success on the Greens

Golf Ball - Any Golf Ball is Not the Best Ball for You

Holographic Putting - 3 Static Positions Decide Your Success Rate on the Green

Judging Distance - Pace Off Your Lag Putts, Don't just Rely on Your Eyes

Laughter - Why Laughter can Improve Your Golf and Become Your 15th Club

Left Hand - Why You should Set It on the Putter First

Left Elbow - Where Should It Point in Your Putting Stroke?

Left Shoulder - Why It Can Help You to Putt Straighter

Left Wrist - The Importance of Letting It Take The Hit in Your Putting Stroke

Line on Ball - Good Idea or Just an Illusion of Accuracy in Putting?

Making the Putt - Why It is More Important than Holing the Putt

Mental Image - What Do You See When You Study Your Putt?

MOI - Moment of Inertia: What You Need to Know in Choosing Your Putter

New Putter - Why it is the Last Solution When Your Putting is Giving You Grief

One-Handed Putting - Forced to Choose, Which Hand would be Your Preference?

Optimum Ball Position - Does an inch or two make a difference?

Patchy Conditions - 6 Ideas for Better Putting on Bumpy and Hairy Greens

Pendulum Stroke - Is It Still Possible with No Fixed Pivot to Guide Your Swing?

Practice Strokes - Improving Your Chances of Holing the Putt or Just a Habit?

Pure Greens - What You Can Learn about the Importance of Speed in Putting

Putt like the Pros - Pipe Dream or an Attainable Goal?

Putt Straight - A Requirement for Putting Well

Putter Acceleration - The Need for Putter Head Speed in Distance Control

Putter Aim - Using a Set of Numerical Charts to Calculate Your Aimpoint

Putter Butt - Where, if Anywhere, Should It Point during Your Putting Stroke?

Putter Choice - The Dilemma: Which Comes First – Putting Style or Putter Choice?

Putter Designs - Is There Anything Left to Discover to Help You Putt Better?

Putter Headweight - What is Ideal or Is It Just a Matter of Personal Opinion?

Putter Heft - The Feel of the Putter and How Its Balance Affects Its Performance

Putter Hosel - A Feature contributing to the Balance and Performance of a Putter.

Putter Hype - Should You Wait for the Next Breakthrough before You Buy?

Putter Length - A Fork in the Road when Choosing a Putter of a Particular Length

Putter Loft - Bend Your Putter to Change It or Alter Your Setup and Stroke?

Putter Pushback - Engaging the Big Muscles and Eliminating the Small Muscles

Putter Release - Much Ado about Nothing. It's Square Contact that Matters

Putter Shaft - Why Steel Still Remains the Material of Choice in Putter Shafts

Putterface Aiming - Are you Aiming in the Right Direction?

Putterface Alignment - A Different Approach to Using the Line on Your Ball

Putting Anxiety - Knowing The Difference between Trying and Trying Too Hard

Putting Arm-Hang - How to set up at address without tension in your arms

Putting Blind - Lessons You Must Learn to Better Your Putting Stroke and Feel

Putting by Feel - Is This the Total Answer to All Your Putting Problems?

Putting Comfort - Comfortable or Correct. Why Not Both?

Putting Confidence - An Essential Part in Your Ability to Putt Well under Pressure

Putting Commandments - 10 Rules on How to Manage Your Game on the Green

Putting Compensation - Correcting One Error by Creating Another

Putting Contradiction - Achieving Better Results by Working Harder to Try Less

Putting Cross-Over - A Vital Skill You Must Learn if You Want to Putt Better

Putting Decision - The Most Important Factor You Must Decide for Every Putt

Putting Dwell Time - How Long Should You Stand over the Ball before You Putt It?

Putting Equation - A Plus B and Always In This Order to Obtain Success

Putting Error - Very Common, Easy to Spot, but a Difficult Habit to Curb

Putting Excuses - The Number One Reason for Putting Badly is Your Own Inability

Putting Fatigue - Can Tiredness Towards the Final Holes Show Up in Your Score?

Putting Follow-Through - Not just an afterthought, but important in your Stroke

Putting Game - Five Important Points of Difference You Should Know

Putting Gap - Why a Small Putting Gap can Make a Big Difference

Putting Grips - Reversing Your Hands for Different Putts is Not Such a Daft Idea

Putting Guesswork - How to handle the greens of a new course for the first time

Putting in Sync - The Importance of Matching Your Stroke to Your Posture

Putting Know-How - How Much must You Know to Putt Well?

Putting Magic - Can You Trick Yourself into Improving Your Putting?

Putting Mind Games - Four Ways to Help You Block Unwanted Thoughts on the Green

Putting on Plane - The Key to Accuracy is Staying on Plane before Impact

Putting Path - How You Perceive a Task will influence the Success You Attain

Putting Puzzle - A Riddle You Have to Solve Every Time You Putt

Putting Reality - What You See is What You Get. Well Maybe Not

Putting Secret - How to Improve with One Simple Adjustment of Your Hands

Putting Short - Four Possible Causes for Leaving Your Putts Short of the Hole

Putting Smart - There is No Right or Wrong Way to Putt, only Smart and Dumb Ways

Putting Stats - The Only Two Statistics of Value to Improve Your Putting

Putting Target - The ball should NOT be the focus of your visual attention

Putting Technique - How to Train Your Brain and Avoid the Yips

Putting Tempo - Improve Your Putting by Learning How to Putt with an Even Tempo

Putting Tip - Not Every Piece of Advice is Good Advice

Putting Zones - Areas of the Green where the Pin is usually located

Reading the Break - Why All Breaking Putts are Speed Putts

Reference Putt - How to Judge the Green Speed Prior to Your Round

Reverse-Overlap - Under Threat as the Recommended Putting Grip

Right Elbow - A Way to Anchor Your Backstroke in Putting

Right Hand - Master, Servant, or Equal Partner in the Putting Stroke?

Setup at Address - Significant Putting Changes for Better or Worse over Time?

Shoulders - Should You Rotate Them or Rock Them in Your Putting Stroke?

Simple Putting - A Target-based Mindset that has the minimum of fuss to it

Sloping Greens - The Forces that Cause Your Ball to Break a Certain Way

Slow Greens - Outside of Your Comfort Zone perhaps, but Challenging Your Skill

Solid Contact - A Critical Component in Distance Control on the Green

Speed Putting - A Technique to Free Up Your Putting Stroke and Sink More Putts

Split Grip - Can Separating Your Hands on the Shaft Improve Your Putting?

Sticking Your Tongue Out - Why It can Help Your Putting

Straight Putt - Every Putt is a Straight Putt – Myth or Fact?

Straight Putts - How Good are You at Consistently Hitting Your Ball Straight?

Swearing - Can Swearing and Cussing Help to Improve Your Putting?

Switching Putters - – Why You Should Not Follow the Example of Tour Professionals

Three-Foot Circle - The Pros and Cons of Making This Your Target for Long Putts

Toeing the Putt - Is This a Good Way of Handling Downhill and Breaking Putts?

Top Line of Putter - Aim – All to do with the Top Line of Your Putter

True Roll - Marketing Hype or a Possible Achievement?

Unconscious Putting - The Ability to Block Out Stroke Mechanics When Over a Putt

Width of Stance - Is the Width of Stance in Putting Immaterial?

Windy Conditions - How to Avoid a Strong Wind from Derailing Your Putting

Wrist Angles - The Make or Break of Any Putting Stroke

Wrist Rotation - A Certain Way to Send Your Putt Off Line

Ezines - Short Articles on Putting, Rules/Etiquette, Golf, and Golf History

Rules/Etiquette Around Green

Etiquette on Green - Top Three Code Violations in Amateur Golf

Putting Green Damage - Can You Fix It and without any Penalty?

Putting Bad Habits - Not against the Rules, but not advisable

Putting Through Line - Are You Aware of Where You Walk on the Green?

Rule 18 - Ball at Rest Moved

Rules of Golf - Are You Unknowingly Breaking the Rules Around the Putting Green?

Ezines - Short Articles on Putting, Rules/Etiquette, Golf, and Putting History

Putting History

Putter Shapes - You Have Got to Love What You See When You Look Down

Putting Stature - Are the Demands of More Practice Changing the Putting Posture?

Fall Line - What You Must Know in order to Sink a Putt

Fall Line Putt Reader - What You Must Know to Read a Putt Accurately

FLPR - The Fall Line Putt Reader is Colour-Coded so You can See the Break Easily

Green Mapping - An Essential Tool for Making More Putts

Green Mapping Steps - How to prepare Your Own Pocket Guide of the Greens

Golf Anecdotes - I’ve Spent My Life Golfing; the Rest I’ve Just Wasted

Golden Stroke - You’ve Got to Love to Putt and Treat Your Putter as Your Lover

Lost Ball - Bad luck or Bad Golf it Matters Not, if Your Ball is Lost

Magic Putter - My kingdom for a Horse. No, Give Me a Dependable Putter Instead

Putter Abuse - Throw the Club Sideways rather than Overhand to Protect the Shaft

Putter Grip - Connecting You to the Instrument of Joy or Misery on the Greens

Putting Misery - Finding a Happy Place where All Your Putting Woes Evaporate

Putting Tantrum - Don’t Lose Your Way by Losing Your Cool on the Greens

Short Putt - The Missed Short Putt is Sometimes Too Hard to Stomach

Superstition - Fear is the Main Source of Superstition in Golfers

Texas Wedge - Rediscovered in the 1950s as a Way to Hit an Approach Shot

Way to Putt - Sam Snead Made It Clear When He said It’s not How, but How Many

Green Reading - Think of the Green as a Crime Scene with You as the Detective

Practice Putting - Sometimes It Pays Not to Practise if You are Doing It Wrongly

Pre-putt Routine - A Case of See it, Feel it, and Do it

Putting Routine on Tour - Preventing Doubt from Creeping In

Pressure Putts - Thinking Your Way to Better Putting by Not Thinking

Putting Performance Goals - Planning for Better Results on the Putting Green

Putting Attitude - A Fine Line between Success and Failure on the Green

Putting Expectations - How Well Should You be Able to Putt?

Putting Visualisation - Mental Images to Guide Your Performance to a Successful Result

Putting Self-talk - How Not to Beat Up on Yourself; Leave that to Others

Putt Reading - The Secret of Sinking More Putts

Putter Fitting - Five Things You Must Know to Get Your Putter Fitted Correctly

Putter Swingweight - Important or just Another Meaningless Bit of Information?

Putting Aids - Do They Really Help or are They Just a Crutch?

Putting Basics - Putt Any Way You Want, Just Be Consistent

Degrees of Freedom - Too Much Freedom is Detrimental to Your Putting Stroke

Putting Image 1 - Main Points concerning Putting Setup from Side-On position

Putting Image 2 - Main Points concerning Putting Setup from Front-On position

Putting Image 3 - Main Points concerning Putting Stroke from Side-On position

Putting Image 4 - Main Points concerning Aiming Your Ball from Front-On position

Putting Image 5 - Main Points concerning Distance Control

Putting Image 6 - Main Points concerning Reading the Green and the Putt

Putting Image 7 - Main Points concerning Pressure Putts

Putting Instruction - Can You Answer these Questions about Your Putting?

Putting Rules - What You Should Know When You Arrive at the Green

Putting Setup - A Precise Setup Creates the Foundation for a Repeatable stroke

Ball Position - Any Old Spot Out in Front of You Just Won’t Do

Grip Pressure - Two Smart Ways to Achieve a Constant Hold on Your Putter

Putting Alignment - Set Up Square and Take It from There is Sound Advice

Putting Grip - Getting a Handle on How to Hold Your Putter with Both Hands

Putting Posture - Cut a Smart Image by Standing to the Ball Athletically

Putting Stance - A Neutral Setup with Your Feet Reduces the Potential for Errors

Putting Triangle - Maintaining Its Shape is Important to Your Putting Stroke

Putting Smarter - Changing your Practice Habits by Abandoning your Old Way

Putting Stroke - Get It in the Hole Any Old Way May Not Always Work

Putter Path - Which is Best for Consistent Putting: Vertical or Arced?

Short Game - This is the Scoring Zone where Poor Skills can Wreck Your Card


Ball Position - Bobby Eldridge explains the relationship between your shoulders and your ball

Putting Geometry - Mike Sweeney explains the geometry of a breaking putt

Putter Fitting - Todd Sones explains the importance of Putter Fitting to your Setup and Putting Stroke

Putter Loft - Ralph Maltby explains the importance of putter loft to the direction and distance of the golf ball

Putter Swingweight - Ralph Maltby explains what is meant by putter swingweight and its importance in putter fitting

Putting Grip - Mike Shannon explains the three grips most commonly used in putting

Putting Lines - An animated Putting Lines Video showing why a golf ball curves when moving on a sloping green

Web Site - How to Use this Web Site to Your Best Advantage

What's New - Putting Step-by-Step Fundamentals

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