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External Resources

These links will take you to some web sites that could be of interest to you in your quest to improve your putting. Most of the sites are commercial, but contain information and articles of interest. There is also a link to some web sites that go beyond putting.

Putting Instruction

You would be wrong to think that only PGA teaching professionals can teach you how to putt successfully. Dave Pelz, Harold Swash, and Paul Hurrion are examples of putting coaches who are not PGA teaching professionals, but who are nevertheless known for their expertise on putting instruction.

Dave Pelz
Dave Pelz is the author of a number of books on Putting and the Short Game. His Putting Bible is a comprehensive analysis of putting that reveals his engineering background. On his web sites there are a number of putting tips, diagrams, and pictures, but you will have to register in order to view them.

Harold Swash
Harold Swash is the designer of the C-Groove range of putters. He is the putting coach to a number of European Tour Players. To take full advantage of the information on his web site, you will have to provide your email address.

Paul Hurrion
Paul Hurrion is a biomechanist and Head of Quintic Consultancy. He works with elite athletes in sport including Padraig Harrington. His web site contains useful information on putting and he has designed a line of putters exclusively for GEL Golf.

Geoff Mangum
Geoff Mangum is a prolific writer, researcher, and instructor on all matters to do with putting. His web site is a mine of information with an active forum for discussion. He focuses particularly on the brain-body processes in targeting and stroke movement.

Todd Sones
Todd Sones is the author of Lights-Out Putting and on his web sites there are a number of articles that he has written on putting. He is the developer of the Tri-Measure Putter Fitting System.

Mike Shannon
Mike Shannon is a leading Putting Instructor and works with many PGA Tour players. He is the Putting Coach at The Sea Island Golf Learning Center in Georgia. He has a number of video clips that can help you with your putting.

Stan Utley
Stan Utley is a putting coach and author of the book The Art of Putting.

Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Brien is the coach of 2007 Masters Champion Zach Johnson, and of 2006 Ryder Cup player Vaughn Taylor. Pat O'Brien's putting theories are based on studying the putting stroke of the late Payne Stewart who in 1999 won the US Open and lead the tour in putting.

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Putter Fitting

One of the most important aspects of putting is having a putter that is fitted correctly to your unique requirements. Using an off-the-shelf putter runs the risk that you will compromise both your direction and distance control.

Ralph Maltby
Ralph Maltby is a highly-acclaimed authority on club fitting and his web site has a number of informative videos on what to look for in a putter so that it is the best fit for you.

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Putter Equipment Q and A

The technology in putter design is becoming a science. It is difficult to know and understand the different facets of what is good science and what is pure marketing hype.

Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas was the Technical Director of the United States Golf Association for 26 years. He understands the ins and outs of golf technology and is able to convey this information in layman's terms.

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Putter Reviews

The competition among putter manufacturers is intense as they each seek to find a new marketing ploy to entice the prospective buyer. Virtually every month there are a new putter models available.

Putter Zone
The mission of the web site is to provide readers with the latest news and developments in the rapidly evolving putter industry. This will help the average golfer make informed purchasing decisions when shopping for putters and putting-related products.

The Sand Trap
This is a fun site that offers news, swing tips, reviews, opinions, and a whole lot of commentary by an opinionated bunch of real golfers with real day jobs.

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Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf are there to protect the integrity of the game. When you don't play by them, you are playing some other game.

Many golfers break the rules because they have never learned them. Others ignore them because they consider certain rules to be stupid.

USGA and R & A
The USGA, in conjunction with The R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland, writes, interprets and maintains the Rules of Golf to guard the tradition and integrity of the game. The two organizations are joint authors and owners of The Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf.

Ask Linda 

In the 'Ask Linda' columns Linda Miller, a Rules Consultant, answers questions from readers about the most common golf rules in plain English. Linda Miller is the former Tournament Director of the South Jersey Golf Association.

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Training Aids

There are a number of companies that sell training aids for golf and for putting. You should cross-check the price for each training aid as it can vary from supplier to supplier.

D.W.Quail Golf

Eyeline Golf

Golf Training Aids

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