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Everyone welcomes a good tip,

solicited or not.


A "How To" Putting Tip is sure to grab our attention. We all want the quick fix. However, be on your guard as one size doesn't fit all.

Try This, Try That

Like drowning swimmers we clutch eagerly at any advice especially if it comes with the guarantee of success and an offer of no work on our part.

The better recommendation of proper instruction combined with practice seems a poor second to the promise of instant gratification.

Professional golfers are more circumspect, and are less likely to accept the wisdom of others without routing the information through their coach.

However, golf is not an amateur's job and a lesson often seems like an unnecessary expense.

Quick Fix

Golf magazines stay in business because they sell hope to a large group of readers.

Every month there is a new stream of tips. 

Besides the 'Better by Saturday' words of promise, there is also the marketing hype to entice you to buy the latest putter or putting aid that is a sure-fire way to immediately improve your putting.

I am as guilty as the next golfer as we are all vulnerable to the plausible suggestion from a Top 100 Teacher. However, the time to try out a tip is on the practice putting green not during a game.

Works for Everyone,  No

The real problem with any well-meaning advice is that it is in the 'one size fits all' category. 

There is an underlying assumption that what is good for one person is good for another. 

Tips are like aspirins. They may lessen the pain for a while, but they seldom address the root cause of the problem.

Their solution usually is to fix one error by adding another so that the two errors temporarily balance each other out. 

Putting Tip

The best advice you can get is the recommendation that you work on learning good fundamentals such as:

  • How to putt straight.
  • How to to set up to the ball.
  • How to aim the putterface.
  • How to control the distance of a putt.

Of course, if all this sounds like too much hard work, your putting is likely to remain streaky at best.

Don't get me wrong. A Putting Tip is always worth considering, but it is never a substitute for a proper understanding of what it really takes to succeed at putting.

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