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Putting Secret - Position your hands to minimise

 any chance of your left wrist hinging.


Adjusting the position of your hands so your left wrist is flat can help to improve the consistency of your putting stroke.

Presetting Hands

In the chip and run shot your hands should be preset so that they matched that of the impact position.

Having set up with this forward lean of the club and a flat left wrist, all you then do is move your arms as a unit back and then forwards through the contact area.

The loft of the club gets the ball airborne. Your wrists play no part. 

Putting Adaptation

It occurred to me that this technique could be adapted to putting. In making a stroke a common error is to allow the putter head to get ahead of your hands at the moment of impact.

This breakdown of the left wrist usually sends the ball left of your target line.

A common setup at address sees some cupping of both wrists with the shaft of the putter vertical. This is perfectly in order if you can maintain your wrist angles throughout the stroke.

Ball Position

In putting your ball position is slightly forward of centre in your stance.

However, in chipping your ball position is usually closer to your right foot. This means that your club will have a pronounced forward lean.

Left Wrist

The adjustment that I have found helpful is to alter the cupping of the wrists. In my setup my right wrist is cupped while my left wrist is flat.

To achieve this I lean the shaft slightly forward off vertical and grip the putter left hand low.

This is the position I want - with my left wrist leading the stroke through impact as advocated by Dave Stockton.

In other words the setup position of my hands now matches that of my intended impact position.

Forward Press

Some golfers achieve a similar arrangement of their hands through the use of a forward press.

The pressing forward of the putter shaft flattens the left wrist, but has the disadvantage that it can alter the angle of the putterface.

I prefer not to use a forward press to initiate my stroke, rather preferring to hover my putter just off the ground.

It is important not to overdo the forward lean of the putter shaft as this effectively delofts the putterface. Without changing your ball position, you can still achieve a flat left wrist with only a slight forward lean of your putter.

Putting Secret

My Putting Secret for more consistent results is to match your setup and impact positions. This will go a long way to preventing overactive wrists.

With fewer moving parts in your putting stroke you can reduce the potential for error.

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