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Lesson Plan

The Putting Lesson Plan is a system of putting lessons that progresses your understanding through the different skill stages in putting.

It was the comedian Spike Milligan who said "Nothing can go wrong because we don't have a plan." However, the same can't be said for learning how to putt better.

Below is a series of lessons for you to follow. The overall objective is to reach a level of competency that will satisfy the task of getting the ball into the hole in two strokes - and hopefully less. In other words never more than 36 putts in your round.

The lessons highlighted in CAPITAL LETTERS are the dynamic skills that you need to master in order to putt well.


  1. Setup at Address

  2. Getting Fitted for a Putter

  3. Choosing a Putter

  4. Putting Straight

  5. Aiming Your Putterface

  6. Judging Distance

  7. Reading the Green and the Putt

  8. Managing Your Mind

Some of the ideas and techniques you can practise indoors. Other practice should be done outdoors on the practice putting green.

There is a sequence to how the lessons are arranged and you should not rush through them. Racing ahead will only create bad habits, and having to correct them will mean that the whole process takes more rather than less time.

Harvey Penick, the legendary golf teacher and author, had a sign outside his pro shop showing that a series of lessons cost much less in total than a single lesson. When a pupil asked why, he would answer that "If you want miracles, you have to pay for them."

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