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Putting Drills can help you to improve your putting. They are learning strategies designed to eliminate mistakes before they result in performance errors.

While practice is an essential part of learning any skill, your practice does not have to be done slavishly. Your practice session should last only as long as you can give full attention to what you are doing.

When you practise you need a clear idea of what you want to work on and achieve. Knocking balls randomly around the putting green, or around the carpet at home, may give the appearance of practice, but it will do little good.

You can improve each practice session by focusing on a single aspect of your putting, and by keeping each session short to avoid boredom and fatigue.

There are an endless number of drills with variations which you can find in golf magazines, books, and on the web.

It is helpful to group the drills under separate headings such as:

  • Putting Stroke
  • Aiming
  • Distance Control
  • Reading the Putt
  • Building Confidence

If possible you should try to turn a drill into a game. This will make it more fun. Many of the drills you can do in competition with someone else. This will help to create the type of pressure that you will experience on the course.

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