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Putting Cartoons

Victims of Golf

Cartoon - Dan Rosandich

I like Putting Cartoons. In fact I like all cartoons and humourous drawings, especially those on sport. They help me to lighten up. It is good to laugh and have a smile, no more so that when you are on the golf course.

After all the purpose of golf should be to enjoy yourself. If you can't have fun when you play, you have two choices:

  • Give up golf and find something that will bring you more enjoyment

  • Stop taking yourself so seriously.

Good Golf or Awful Golf - in the end it doesn't matter. It's just another game.

Here is a collection of Putting Cartoons. I hope I can add to the collection from time to time. Drawing is a wonderful way to capture your thoughts and sense of humour on paper for others to share.

I have tried to identify the cartoonist (and the source) for each cartoon as this is where the credit should lie. Their work deserves applause for their creative ability to capture brief snapshots of life on the green.

Bob Zahn

Jerry King

New Yorker (approval being requested)

Punch (approval being requested)

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