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Putterface Aiming is managing the angle

of the putterface at address and at impact.


Putterface Aiming is all about accuracy. Aiming accurately often means the difference between holing or missing a putt.

Square to Target

If your putterface is not perpendicular to your target at address, you are starting your stroke at a disadvantage. 

You may subconsciously make a correction during your stroke to square up your putterface, but this just makes your putting less consistent.


Geoff Magnum, Putting Theorist and Coach, writes that "the object of putting is to aim the putterface at the target, set up to the putterface, and make a straight stroke with good touch."

Using this definition, one of the questions is "How do you aim your putterface at the target?"

Putterface Aiming

There are a number of ways to help your Putterface Aiming:

  1. Draw a line on your ball

    When you have a line drawn on your ball you can use this line to aim at your target from behind using your dominant eye.

    When you are in your setup position you align your putterface at right angles to this line.

  2. Use a Friend

    You can have a friend stand behind you to fine-tune your aim. One or two tour players use their caddie to help them align accurately to their target.

    In a four-ball event you can ask your partner as long as they step away before you putt.

  3. Adopt a good setup position

    When you set up to putt, the position of your head is important in the aiming process.

    When the angle of your gaze is vertically over your ball, you can swivel your head like an apple on a stick and follow the path down which your putterface is aiming.

    Use a simple training aid such as safety glasses (the bottom half covered with masking tape) so that you can only see the ball when your head is lowered correctly.

  4. Use a training aid

    A training aid with a laser beam that you can attach to your putter will soon tell you if your putterface is aiming where you think it is aiming.

    Most golfers have a tendency to aim either right or left of their target. The further away the target, the more their aim will be off. This has lead to a technique aiming at an interim target known as 'spot putting'.

  5. Get Tested for Aim

    If there is a Putting Studio near you and you can afford it, get yourself tested using the SAM Puttlab.

    This will not only tell you where your putterface is aimed it will also tell you if you make square contact with the ball.

At some stage you will be on your own having to line up your putterface to your target.

You will putt with more confidence when you know that it is indeed aiming at your target at address.

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