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Putter Hype is mostly

what the term implies.


The changes in design of putters are motivated by manufacturers competing for market share. Most success in Putting stems from fundamentals skills honed by practice.

Prey to Advertising

Hands Free Putter

Hands Free

The scientific explanations that support claims by manufacturers lead you to believe that your success is all to do with the putter you use. That this is nonsense gets lost in the emotional pull to buy.

The advertisements that appear regularly in golf magazines suggest that you can do better with the latest state-of-the-art design.

If this was true, then every professional on every tour would be using the same make and model.


The human condition is such that we believe what we want to believe. However, in putting there is a belief that holds true - namely that you can improve your chances of holing more putts if you are properly custom-fitted to the putter of your choice.

Custom-fitting has nothing to do with the conveyor belt of supposed breakthroughs. It has to do with adjusting the length, lie angle, and occasionally the loft and grip of a putter to suit you.

That said you should not discount the emotional side of putting. You have got to love your putter. When you look down, you have to see a friend, not a writhing snake.

Physics of Putting

The physics of putting haven't changed since golf was first played. You still require a flat surface to hit a round ball into a hole.

If you can consistently match your angle of your putterface to the correct line at impact and deliver the ball at a matching speed for the line, you will grow in confidence and have your fair share of success on the green.

Now every DIY handyman knows that a job is made easier if you have the right tool. Hammering in a nail with the handle of a screwdriver can be done, but it is the wrong tool for the job. For putting, you need a properly-fitted putter.

The question is 'Has the ultimate putter been designed or is there something better in development that will make putting easier?' The answer for poor or indifferent putters is that technology will lead them out of the wilderness.

Putter Hype

Unfortunately the solution to all putting problems is to learn first how to putt.

You have to learn how to set up, aim, putt straight, read the breaks, and judge speed, all of which have very little to do with the putter you use.

The trouble with Putter Hype is that it is a moving target. No sooner than one manufacturer has convinced you, another comes along with another powerful message. You are chasing shadows when you should really be addressing the fundamentals.

The magic putter doesn't exist and the sooner you accept that, the quicker you will be on the right road to improvement.

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