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New Putter

A new putter can be one way to cure your

putting problems, but don't bet on it.


Changing equipment with a view to improvement is more likely to be the exception than the rule for the average golfer.

Honeymoon Period

Changing putters is at best a short-term fix. This is because there is often a brief honeymoon period when your putting appears miraculously to improve before heading south again.

New Putter

Tour Players who are struggling on the greens will sometimes change their putter to bring something new to the table.

They can do this as they get their golf equipment for free.

However, the really good putters, the Brad Faxon's of this world, stick to their putter through thick and thin.

Likely Causes

For most amateurs in the mid-range of handicaps, poor putting is typically a combination of several things.

Poor Setup at Address

A fundamental of putting consistently is learning a good setup. Putting requires precision and this is achieved when the bio-mechanics of your posture help rather than hinder your putting stroke. How you stand to the ball is important to what follows.

Badly-fitting Putter

Many golfers putt with a putter that is wrong for their build. At the very least you should be custom-fitted, so that you are using a putter with the correct length and lie angle. The objective of the fitting session is to find what works best for your height and arm length.

Poor Level of Skill

Consistent putting requires a level of skill. A change of putter can never compensate for a lack of skill. At best it can make poor putting slightly less bad. If you want to improve your putting you have to be serious about learning the skills of aiming, distance control, green reading and so on. This will take time and effort.

Lack of Practice

Amateurs don't practise as much as the professionals do, yet expect the same results. This is hardly realistic. Even those golfers who do put in the hours often don't have a clue what they are doing so they can self-coach. They are constantly tinkering to no avail as practice without true direction simply ingrains errors.

A Better Solution

  1. Understand what a good setup looks like.

  2. Find a club-fitter who can measure the best fit of putter for your build.

  3. Have your existing putter adjusted so you can set up correctly.

  4. Take some putting lessons with a knowledgeable teacher.

  5. Practise what you learn.

If you are still putting poorly, you can then consider a change of putter.

Only fools believe that you can buy a better game of golf. You are truly missing the point if you think that a new putter is the only thing that stands between you and greater success on the greens.

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