Green Guide

Source October 2006. Author - Jeff Patterson

In this Green Guide here are 10 things

to remember before you hit that putt.

  1. You may lift a ball on the green and clean it, but you have to mark its position first. You can mark a ball with anything, including sticking a tee into the ground, as long as the ball is replaced to the position it came to rest.

  2. When your ball is on the green, you may remove loose impediments (sand, pebbles, leaves, etc.) from your putting line by any means. But don't intentionally test the surface or press anything down.

  3. To avoid standing in a player's putting line, you may stand or astride an extension of your own putting line.

  4. As long as you don't press anything down or scrape the surface, you may touch the green to see if it's wet.

  5. If you hit your ball with a practice putting stroke, take a one-shot penalty and replace the ball.

  6. You may hold the flagstick with one hand and tap in with the other hand.

  7. If you hit a flagstick with a putt made from on the putting green, whether the stick is in the hole or on the ground, it's a two-stroke penalty or loss of hole in match play. (This Rule will change in 2019)

  8. Once a caddie shows you the putting line, he must stop before you putt. Otherwise it's a two-stroke penalty or loss of hole in match play. This includes anyone showing you the line while tending the flag.

  9. You may not intentionally walk on your putting line or improve your putting line (other than to remove loose impediments and repair pitch marks) Breach of this rule is a two-stroke penalty or loss of hole in match play.

  10. It's OK to mark your ball multiple times, if necessary, to keep it from moving after it has come to rest. But don't press the ball down to make it stay on the slope.

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