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Golf Anecdotes

There are plenty of Golf Anecdotes that surround the game. This is what I like about golf, and my special area of interest - Putting. Stories abound about incidents that happened on and off the course. In many ways golf mirrors life.

18 holes of golf probably reveal more about your personality than any other activity, sporting or otherwise. That is why employers sometimes vet potential employees during a round of golf. It is like an outward bound experience. How do you stand up to pressure? Can you take the bad with the good?

There are some wonderful books on golf that go beyond trying to teach us the techniques. They capture the essence of the game. For it is not "A Good Walk spoiled" as suggested by Mark Twain, but a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the company of others.

Here is a selection of putting and golf anecdotes:

Golden Stroke
Every golfer wants to putt better - to conquer the greens. History tells us sadly that most golfers have struggled to find the elusive Golden Stroke.
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Lost Ball
Losing your ball is annoying. Losing a ball on the putting green or in the fairway could be seen as being careless.
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Magic Putter
Choosing your own magic putter is one of the most important decisions you can make in golf; that and choosing a driver.
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Putter Abuse
Of all the clubs in the bag the putter must be the one that is subject to the most damage - both physical and libellous.
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Putter Grip
The putter grip is unique as it is the only club in the bag where the grip does not have to be circular in cross section.
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Putting Misery
Golf can be a miserable game. There are occasions when we have felt dejected, fed up, and ready to retire our clubs for good.
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Putting Tantrum
Because you play golf, you will know that buried deep within us is a putting tantrum waiting to happen if we are somehow pushed over the edge.
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Short Putt
Golf is a game of inches and the short putt puts more fear into a golfer than public speaking. History has shown that even the great players fail when faced with the moment of truth.
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If ever there is a game that lends itself to superstition, it is golf. We adopt quirky habits in order to tip the balance of fortune in our favour.
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Texas Wedge
Popularised by Ben Hogan, the term refers to the use of the putter for a short approach shot from off the green over flat bare ground.
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Way to Putt
History has shown us repeatedly that there is no one best way to putt. This has not prevented experts from advocationg a preference for a certain way of getting the job done.
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