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Fall Line
Putt Reader

Make More Putts by Learning the Breaks

The Fall Line Putt Reader (FLPR) is an Easy-to-Use Putting Aid that will help you to make More Makeable Putts. When you learn how to find the Fall Line, reading the correct Break is no longer guess work. (see Pictures)

How to Use

For full instructions on How to Use the Fall Line Putt Reader (FLPR), click here to download PDF file.

Important Features

For information on the Important Features of the FLPR, click here to download PDF file.


For Product Details on the FLPR, click here to download PDF file.

Putt Reading

For Additional Facts on Putt Reading, click here to download PDF file.

Adobe Reader

You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read the above PDF files. You can get Adobe Reader here

Trains Your Eye to Read
the Slope of the Green

The slope of the green surface at the hole is the biggest single factor in how a putt will break. It determines if the ball rolls right to left, left to right, or straight. Find the fall line, and you are well on your way to making the putt.

Helps You Judge How
Your Putt will Break

The average golfer has trouble in determining which way the ball will break at the hole. Faster green speeds have added to this difficulty, as they tend to multiply any error in the judgement of distance and break.

Allows You to be More
Positive with Your Stroke

The ability to judge the slope at the hole allows you to putt with greater confidence and commitment to your line. Indecision about which way the ball will break undermines your confidence and leads to a tentative stroke.

Lowers the Total Number
of Putts per Round

The most common putts are in the range of 4 to 5 feet with some break to them. They are the result of chipping from off the green, and from a long putt while on the green. Most of these putts are makeable, but are missed as a result of a misread.

(Delivery is from Perth, Australia by airmail post)

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Fall Line Putt Reader

Fall Line PuttReaders are assembled and mailed from Australia

Current Situation regarding Orders:

Because of COVID-19 and the reduced number of  international flights from Australia, the delivery time for an overseas order has drifted out to 4 weeks. This is based on a recent trial run to the United States.

If you order, you should therefore allow for this delay.

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