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Distance Control

Here are a few Distance Control drills to help you with your touch:

  1. In your warm up before each round, get a feel for the speed of the greens by establishing a reference putt. 

    On a level area of the putting green put down two balls. Using the same length of backstroke putt them effortlessly and note how far they go.

    Repeat this drill, alternating between uphill and downhill slopes until you have a good feel for the speed.

    Next, putt to the fringe from various spots on the green.

  2. To gauge the length of a long putt, either pace off the putt, or break the putt in half by walking to the midpoint between the ball and the hole.

  3. Practise putting with your eyes closed and try to visualise how far the ball has gone.

  4. Practise looking at the hole and not at the ball. When you throw a ball you focus on the target, not on the mechanics of throwing.

  5. Look and let go by reducing the time between the last glance at the target and the start of your stroke.

  6. Walk and drop drill with eyes closed. Pick a hole some distance way. Close your eyes and walk to where you think the hole is and drop a ball. See how close you were.

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