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Books on Putting

You can’t learn to putt simply by reading books on putting. However, knowledge and understanding of the different building-blocks of putting will help to make your practice more effective.

I have listed some books that cover the Art and Science of Putting. These represent the books that I have read and have in my library. Most of the books, new and used, are available from Amazon.

To find out more about each book, go to the Book Store and click on the book title. The accompanying description will help you to decide if you want to buy the book.

I have used this Star Rating as a guide to my recommendations.

*** Must Read ** Should Read * Could Read

The Art of Putting *** (2006) Stan Utley

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible *** (2000) Dave Pelz

Putt like the Pros * (1989) Dave Pelz

Better by Saturday * – Putting by Golf Magazine (2004)

Success On The Green ** (2008) Steve Hosid

See it and Sink it ** (1997) Dr Craig Farnsworth

Putt to Win *** (1996) Dave Stockton

Lights-Out Putting *** (2001) Todd Sones

Become a Putting Machine * (2004) Yvon Legault

The Art and Science of Putting * (1996) Rik De Gunther

The Art of Putting * (1920/2006) Willie Park Jnr.

The Flat Stick * (2006) Noah Liberman

The Master of Putting ** (1983) George Low

Langer on Putting ** (1988) Bernhard Langer and Vivien Saunders
ISBN 0-09164-350-3

The Gentle Arts of Putting and Chipping * (1957) Phil Galvano
Prentice Hall, Inc

The Secret of Holing Putts *** (1961) Horton Smith and Dawson Taylor

The Putter's Pocket Companion ** (1994) Jim McLean and Fran Pirozzolo

Putt like a Pro ** (2008) Brian Lake

The Perfect Putting Method ** (1971) Paul Trevillion

Arnold Palmer's Complete Book of Putting ** (1986) Arnold Palmer and Peter Dobereiner

The Putting Prescription * (2009) Dr Craig Farnsworth

Instinct Putting ** (2008) Eric Alphenfels, Bob Christina and Cary Heath

Putting Secrets for the Weekend Golfer * (1997) Steve Page

Golf's Winning Stroke: Putting *** (1967)Tom Michael and Editors of Golf Digest

Dave Pelz's 10 Minutes a Day to Better Putting *** (2003) Dave Pelz

The Golf Magazine Putting Handbook ** (2000) Peter Morrice and Editors of Golf Magazine

Putter Perfection *** (2011) Sean Weir

Unconscious Putting *** (2011) Dave Stockton

The 3-Degree Putting Solution ** (2011) Michael Breed

Putting My Way *** (2009) Jack Nicklaus

Improve Your Putting ** (1995) The Good Golf Guide

Putting - The Game within the Game * (1992) Lessons from PGA Professionals

Precision Putting *** (1999) James A. Frank

The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever *** (2010) Golf Magazine

The Putter Book * (1963) Bob Rosburg

The Fundamentals of Putting *** (2012) Frank Thomas and Valerie Melvin

One Putt ** (2015) Ken Brown

Your Putting Solution *** (2016) James Sieckmann

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Mental Approach to Putting and Golf

Putting out of your Mind *** (2001) Dr Bob Rotella

Zen Putting - Mastering the Mental Game on the Greens *** (2007)
Dr Joseph Parent

Extraordinary Putting *** (2006) Fred Shoemaker

The Mental Art of Putting *** (1995) Patrick Cohn and Robert Winters

Every Shot must have a Purpose *** (2005) Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

Shrink your Handicap ** (2000) Phil Lee and Jeff Warne

What to say when you talk to Yourself * (1986) Shad Helmstetter

The Inner Game of Golf *** (1979) W. Timothy Gallwey

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect *** (1995) Dr Bob Rotella

The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers ** (1999) Dr Deborah Graham and John Stabler

Sport Psychology – The Key Concepts * (2002) Ellis Cashmore

Zen Golf - Mastering the Mental Game ** (2002) Dr Joseph Parent

The Golfing Mind * (1995) Vivien Saunders ISBN 0-09-180708-5

Mind Swings * (1995) Richard Masters and John Burns ISBN 1-85410-342-3

The Winning Mind * (1996) Steve Backley ISBN 1-85410-404-7

Be the Ball * (2000) Charlie Jones and Kim Doren ISBN 0-7407-1090-7

Golf – The Mind Factor *** (2005) Dr Karl Morris ISBN 0-340-840-633

Plan to Win: Success Guide for Young Athletes *** (1994) Glenn Moore
ISBN 0-9637345-0-04

Going Low ** (2001) Dr Patrick Cohn

How to Make Every Putt *** (2013) Dr Joseph Parent

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Putt to Win *** (1998) Dr Bob Rotella and Brad Faxon


Golf Mind ** (2002) Dr Robert K Winters

Using the Mental Keys to Polish the Wheel ** (2004) Michael Anthony

Putting - the Complete Guide *** (2003) Harold Swash

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Short Game and Putting

The Complete Short Game *** (1998) Ernie Els

The Elements of Scoring ** (1998) Raymond Floyd

From 60 Yards in ** (1989) Raymond Floyd

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible *** (1999) Dave Pelz

Turn Three Shots Into Two * (2002) Bill Moretti with Mike Stachura

Tom Watson Getting Up and Down *** (1983) Tom Watson with Nick Seitz

Perfecting Your Short Game *** (1994) Beverly Lewis

Your Short Game Solution *** (2015) James Sieckmann

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No More Bad Shots *** (2001) Hank Haney

David Leadbetter Faults and Fixes *** (1993) David Leadbetter

How to Feel a Real Golf Swing *** (1997) Bob Toski and Davis Love Jnr

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book *** (1992) Harvey Penick

And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend ** (1993) Harvey Penick

The Game for a Lifetime ** (1996) Harvey Penick

Holographic Golf *** (1993) Larry Miller

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Specific chapters in these books deal with the pure science of putting.

How Golf Clubs Really Work and How to Optimize Their Designs *(2000)
Frank Werner and Richard Greig

Science and Golf IV * (2002) Edited by Eric Thain

Optimising Performance in Golf * (2001) Edited by Patrick Thomas
ISBN 1-875378-37-5

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