My Passion for Golf and

Special Interest in Putting

About Me is just a short introduction as to why I write about Putting.

However, this Web Site is:

  • About You and 
  • Helping You to Putt Better.


I was introduced to golf when I was just six years old.

Ours was a golfing family – my grandfather, father and mother were all low markers. My competitive spirit was fuelled by a sibling rivalry with my older brother.

Now more than sixty years on I find myself a senior golfer. I played off a low handicap. Mind you, I never got down to scratch as my putting let me down.

In my younger days I was playing other competitive sports at the time and didn't have the opportunity to practise my putting as much as I should have.

However, I have no regrets as the journey of golf has been kind to me.

I have been lucky enough to play all over the world on hundreds of golf courses, and have enjoy the company of many different nationalities. Golf is indeed a universal language.

When my son first started playing professionally I carried his bag. I saw how good putting at the elite level separates the winners from those who just make up the field. So began my search for a better way to putt.

Cottesloe Golf Club

My Home Course

As a management consultant by profession, with myself as a client, I set about learning how to make more makeable putts. This has helped to keep the ravages of time at bay.

As the length of my drives has decreased, my short game, in particular my putting, has improved.  My mindset now with every putt is that I am going to make it.

There is nothing magic about putting. With a basic understanding of what it takes to putt well, coupled with a little application of the principles involved, we all can do a better job on the greens.

There is no one correct way to putt. However, by adopting certain techniques you can get the percentages working in your favour rather than against you.

I have been blessed with good health and a natural curiosity about how things work. Golf continues to fascinate and excite me each time I play. So now you know about me.

Long may this continue.

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